About Us: Located in the Houston area in Cypress, TX, Ranger Point Precision is a manufacturer of precision designed performance parts for: Marlin, Henry, Winchester, Steyr firearms; and Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha motorcycles.


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September 20, 2016

No doubt more than enough was written about the first magnum revolver cartridge--the mighty little .357--in the years following its introduction in 1934. The (now) wee beast kicked off a new arms race in handgun cartridges, but it ruled the roost for long enough to cem...

August 6, 2016

A hand-built AR-15 in 6.5 Grendel that puts the emphasis on precision, balance and superb handling

Ranger Point Precision has a national reputation for building innovative and accurate custom Marlin lever action rifles. But among our local Houston area clientele we...

May 26, 2016

Rapid target acquisition with bright, clear sight picture (day or night);
Secondary “holdover” aim point for "on the fly" shooting at greater distances;
Flush mounted rear sight on a precision machined scope mount rail.

Prior to this first-of-its-kind integrated backup...

Like many novice riflemen, I started shooting with the goal of being a better shot. As a side branch to this, I’ve tried to find just what rifle out of all the choices would be the ‘perfect rifle’. Now to my way of thinking, a rifle should shoot well, but not just off...

June 2, 2015

At Ranger Point Precision, we have always maintained a strong focus on our core business—building custom firearms and parts. But when I picked up my first Steyr A1 pistol a few months ago, I knew RPP had to become a retailer.  


First off, I couldn’t find a dealer...

Hello friends,


As 2014 makes an exit and 2015 arrives, we wanted to reach out to all of our friends, customers or not, who have helped make this past year such an enjoyable one. The Ranger Point Precision team worked hard indeed to make a lot happen in 2014, but we wou...

September 28, 2014

We at Ranger Point Precision are excited to announce our formalized Glock special offering of performance and fit & finish modification services! 


It's widely accepted in the firearms community that the Glock pistol is a good choice for many shooting disciplines - be i...

August 13, 2014

I got to wondering recently. Typically, if that goes on long enough, the ol’ measuring stick comes out, then unusual credit card charges begin to appear, and before you know it, there’s a fresh pile of chips on the mill table. Sometimes a small pile of discarded parts...

Over 150 years, the lever action rifle has held a well earned place in the hearts and hands of American hunters.


We've always loved their superb handling, traditional beauty, and rapid rate of fire. We cherish our Marlin lever actions because they feel right, look rig...

June 10, 2014

A great many words have been dedicated to describing the methods of extracting maximum accuracy from a rifle, and I am not likely to break new ground here. But there is one seldom acknowledged secret that you might be surprised to learn: wearing the appropriate underga...

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Young Shooter Explains Marlinitis

August 28, 2015

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