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Happy New Year! 2015 Will be an Exciting Year!

Hello friends,

As 2014 makes an exit and 2015 arrives, we wanted to reach out to all of our friends, customers or not, who have helped make this past year such an enjoyable one. The Ranger Point Precision team worked hard indeed to make a lot happen in 2014, but we would have gone nowhere without the incredible trust, enthusiasm, and support of all of you. We feel truly honored, and as we move into 2015 we do so with the assurance that we must be doing things right. Thank you for that.

2014 was a pretty big year for us. In the Spring, we moved our fledgling company from a small, appointment only shop near Jasper, TX, to a large commercial space in Cypress, TX. The move gave us plenty of room to grow, which we needed, but it also gave us a growing presence in our home community, and it's gratifying to meet more of our customers in person.

Also in the Spring, we introduced our first proprietary drop-in part for Marlin lever actions. Our Big Loop Lever for pistol grip models has been very well received, and we are eager to extend the line to cover all platforms. For those of you who have waited so patiently for that to happen, thank you, and apologies for the wait. We contracted the CNC work on that first lever, but our R&D docket got so crowded that a couple of months ago, we decided to bring production work in house. We now have our own CNC mill, and that's the exciting news for 2015.

2015 is, with your continued support, going to be a very exciting year for RPP and, we hope, for our customers. In addition to new Marlin Big Loop Lever offerings, we have a number of other ideas in various stages of development. In the first quarter, we'll be launching some cool add-on parts for the Marlin Papoose takedown rifle. After that, we expect to launch a semi-custom takedown of our own design, as a feature rich alternative to the Papoose and Ruger 10/22.

While it may come as a surprise to some of you, we actually do work on more than Marlins, so there will be custom packages and parts for other firearms as well. But you Marlin lever action fans have lots to look forward to. Our CNC machine is going to be smokin', and we hope to capture the imagination of both traditional and non-traditional enthusiasts as we strive to update and enhance the platform with high quality, innovative parts.

In the mean time, we are trying to figure out where to find time to do it all. We expect to start interviewing potential new hires very soon. Our commitment to the best service has served us, and our customers well, and we don't intend to waver from that course, so finding quality people to join our team will be critical. We look forward to growing the family along with the business.

To wrap up 2014, a sincere, big-as-Texas thank you to our customers. Thank you for trusting us the first time, and honoring us with your repeat business, referrals, and reviews. Thank you, thank you. And another special thank you to all on Marlin Owner's Forum who have made us feel so welcome. We love being part of the community.

We look forward to a great 2015 with all of you!

Adam Devine and Patrick Gardner

Owners, Ranger Point Precision LLC

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