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Night Sights for Lever Action Rifles? You Bet!

Rapid target acquisition with bright, clear sight picture (day or night); Secondary “holdover” aim point for "on the fly" shooting at greater distances; Flush mounted rear sight on a precision machined scope mount rail.

Prior to this first-of-its-kind integrated backup sights system, virtually all gun sights designed for use as a backup to primary optical scope systems, particularly on traditional, dropped comb rifles, forces the shooter to mount the primary optical device in a high or otherwise unwieldy position. Additionally, most sight systems have been a compromise between large, open apertures, which afford good light throughput at the cost of precision, or smaller “peep” apertures, which afford better precision at the cost of poor light throughput. Lastly, non-glass aiming devices - commonly referred to as iron sights - have only afforded one aiming point, with no provision for secondary aiming points "on the fly" for shooting at greater distances. HIGHLIGHTS: - Rapid target acquisition and a bright, clear sight picture via a hybrid rear sight design, which combines a wide oval shaped aperture with an open top for good light throughput - Night sights use glow in the dark paint that can be illuminated with a flashlight and stay glowing for 1-3 hours - A precise aiming point, by utilizing rear sight “reticle” bars that align with a triangular front sight - A means of quickly estimating secondary “holdover points” by incorporating elevation notches in the front sight triangle - Elevation and windage adjustable without punches and hammers AVAILABILITY: - Marlin 336, 1894, 444 and 1895 rifles today! - Henry 30-30, 45-70 (June 2016) - Universal Sight Sets for most make/models of rifles - front/rear sight dovetail attach, no scope mount needed (end of June 2016)



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