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Ranger Point Muzzle Brakes

RPP's new Bad Brake offers three practical functions in a wicked slick design:

1) the radial ports reduce felt recoil

2) the vortex channels suppress muzzle


3) the sharp trident prongs provide a last line of defense against aggressive critters. Just in case you catch a bad break.

Features include:

* Tough, stress proof steel construction

* Reduces recoil and muzzle flash

* Not a one-size-fits-all. Designed for optimal performance and accuracy with individual calibers.

* Available for .223 (1/2x28 tpi), 6.5mm (5/8x24tpi), and .308 (5/8x24 tpi).

* .750" diameter x 2"L fits most AR barrels without professional installation.

* Custom calibers and applications available. Call for a quote.

Price: $95/blued steel $110/stainless

Available today in our online store.

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