The Marlin Lever Action Rifle for the 21st Century

Over 150 years, the lever action sporting rifle has held a well earned place in the hearts and hands of American hunters. We've always loved their superb handling, traditional beauty, and rapid rate of fire. But we at Ranger Point Precision LLC felt like they were capable of, and deserving of, so much more.

We decided to speed evolution with the Marlin LeveRecon. The Marlin 336's proven model is the obvious platform for this leap forward into the 21st century. The receiver can carry a wide array of modern sighting systems. And while typically accurate out of the box, they'll surprise you when we're finished.

If you thought lever guns were obsolete or inaccurate, prepare to have your preconceptions slain. Pick your caliber, pick your features, and discover one of the finest hunting tools ever built.

We can build the Marlin LeveRecon on any new, JM-stamped or Remington Marlin rifle caliber/model platform (336, 444, 1894, 1895) and in blued-steel, stainless steel or big-loop lever.

To learn more about our custom Marlin LeveRecon, please visit our Custom Guns page.

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