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Marlin Classic Lever Action Rifle

Over 150 years, the lever action rifle has held a well earned place in the hearts and hands of American hunters.

We've always loved their superb handling, traditional beauty, and rapid rate of fire. We cherish our Marlin lever actions because they feel right, look right, and shoot right. We enjoy their classic lines and superb handling almost as much as we enjoy hunting with them. But, dare we say it, there is something beyond just right. There is better than factory, and that's what our Classic Custom is all about.

Today, we're pleased to announce our Marlin Classic Custom lever action package. Whether you want to replace factory varnish with the deep, rich satin of hand rubbed oil, or restore worn bluing with a beautiful, all weather coating that will last a lifetime, our custom services will have you seeing your rifle in a whole new light.

If you love the look of traditional bluing, our application of Gun Kote gun metal blue can emulate it almost perfectly, while providing superior corrosion, chemical, and wear resistance. And if you want to step-up to a new level of shooting enjoyment, our performance package will have your lever gun handling slicker and shooting more accurately than ever.

This is a great way to show your favorite hunting rifle how much you care. Or restore that beloved heirloom for generations to come. Or, heck, kill two birds with one stone and show your Dad or grandpa how much you deserve to inherit his favorite hunting rifle.

You can learn more about this custom package on the Marlin Classic Custom Lever Action page.

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Adam Devine

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