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Glock "Make it Your Own (MIYO)"

We at Ranger Point Precision are excited to announce our formalized Glock special offering of performance and fit & finish modification services!

It's widely accepted in the firearms community that the Glock pistol is a good choice for many shooting disciplines - be it home or personal defense, a duty gun for private security or law enforcement, or for slapping steel in competition. No matter how good any pistol may be out of the box, we feel "perfection" is a term best defined by the person with the gun in their hand.

For many, the Glock factory grip frame requires the shooter to hold the gun in a way that often times feels un-natural or hard to hang onto during recoil.

Interested in a new glock? Want to improve the fit and/or finish of a Glock you already own? Our Glock "Make it Your Own (MIYO)" pistols and fit and finish services bring this respected firearm closer to your unique definition of "perfection."

Don't have a Glock to modify? No worries! We can procure almost any Glock model from one of our distributors for you and then make the modifications that you choose.

Services include grip controuring and texturizing / stippling, action and trigger jobs, custom paint / mil-spec coatings...or anything else you need. Learn more about our Glock Make it Your Own (MIYO) services here.



Adam Devine

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